Coral and Bryzoa  

Once our land was the inland sea which is now the gulf of Mexico. The North Texas area contains both coral fossils and bryozoa fossils. The coral takes many shapes as it does today. The bryozoa can be free standing, or it can be attached to some other fossil. The large picture to the left shows a fan shaped bryozoa, and is very small (less than one half inch). However, you can see the "colonization" typical in the bryozoa and corals. In Hood County, we found the imprint of the Calloporid Bryozoan, and one free standing coral. 

In Jacksboro and Bridgeport, we found a couple of kinds of coral and we also found cornulites. Cornulites, horn corals, and conrularia are cone shaped and were anchored to the sea bottom. We also found coral in Fannin Co., TX in the North Sulphur River which demonstrates the typical cross hatch pattern around the tube shaped coral.

Check out these counties containing Coral and Bryozoa.

Hood County

 Jack and Wise Counties

Brown County To be added